Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work it Girl

I will NOT gain the freshman fifteen. Since I've been at school I've struggled a bit with late night snacking, but I've attempted to make up for it through my work-out schedule.
Yet, it's a new month and time for a more intense and healthy lifestyle.  So, I present to you...

I've decided to embark on a new look at health and fitness. By pairing healthy meals with a varying work out routine, I'm hoping I'll be able to be more fit, fresh, and energized.

Here's a look at my fitness week:

Monday: Cardio

Tuesday: Zumba

Wednesday: Cardio + toning

Thursday: Yoga (ohmmmm)

Friday: Cardio + pilates

Saturday: Total Body

Sunday: Rest day!

This is just a general look at my week. I'll post daily about my meal plan for the day and a more detailed look at my workout routine. Do you have a routine you like to follow? If so, post below! I'd LOVE to get some new ideas!

(you can snag the adorable pillow here to give you inspiration!)

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