Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Go-To Jacket: Talula Trooper

Here in Chamabana the weather is unpredictable. Yesterday morning started out at a cool 50 degrees and ending up dropping to a windy, snowy, 30 degrees by noon! To combat the wild weather I rely on my trusty Artizia jacket. This military-inspired piece is perfect for all types of unpredictable weather. For those sudden downpours, this jacket provides a hood for protection from the rain, snow, sleet or whatever is falling from the sky.
When it's just a bit breezy it's the perfect thickness to throw over a light t-shirt and shorts. And when it's unbearably cold, it's thin enough to layer over two, or three or four sweaters, and still look adorable and cozy.
I chose the grey color when I bought mine because I thought it would be most neutral to my wardrobe. Yet, the jacket comes in colors from army green, to light grey and beige. If you're looking for something that will work with basically all weather and all outfits, then you have to pick up this coat. It cost me about $120, but it was worth every penny for the amount of use I've gotten out of it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Series: Pretty in Pink

While it may be a cheesy Hallmark holiday, I am an avid supporter of Valentine's Day. I adore the cutesy gifts, hilarious cards and adorable fashions. I've decided to begin a four part Valentine's series complete with fashion, food, gifts and date ideas.

Today's Topic... Fashion!

February is filled with a burst of pinks, reds, lavenders and creams. On Valentine's Day I'm attending a date event where all the girls are required to wear only these colors. I think it's going to be absolutely adorable, and I cannot wait to see the dresses on display.  The pairing of pinks and creams create a subtle and sweet beauty. The only problem is... I haven't found one for myself yet! I've done some browsing and pictured below are a few that I've been eyeing. Let me know what you think!

Pink is the classic Valentine's Day color, here's a few styles that are both sassy and sweet.

Valentine's Day

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Deal with Humidity

My hair is NOT having this weather right now. While I'm loving the increase in temperature, I'm hating the humidity. My puffy, thick, frizzy hair is basically crying for help. But, have no fear...

Ponytails are your friends!

I could not adore these little creatures more than a time like this. While it can be easy to pull back your hair in a plain ponytail, check out these pics below for a little more creative up-do. My favorite go-to is either a sock bun or a fishtail braid, easy yet chic!
[ here's a quick and easy bun!]

[ comfy and chic fishtail]

[ a sock bun paired with a bandana]

[ an easy top knot]

[ a more challenging french braid sock bun]

[ variations on the classic pony]

Hope that gives you a few tricks to fit the humid weather with style!

Tumblr Tuesday

Here's just a few of my favorite finds from tumblr this week, enjoy.
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[glasses can be smart and sexy]

[never knew converse could be so chic]
[adore these accessories]

[ dying to learn how to style a bow]

Monday, January 28, 2013

Rainy Day Gear

I woke up this morning in a frenzy and stuffed on as many layers of sweaters as possible. I loaded up my heavy coat with hats and gloves and slipped on my heavy-duty winter boots. Yet, as I stepped out I got hit with what seemed like a massive heat wave. While it's only 54 degrees, it feels as though it's summer in Chambana, and I'm LOVING it!

I quickly ran inside and changed into a light sweater and my favorite baby blue Hunter rain boots. I happily skipped into each and every puddle on the way to class while passerby's just shook there heads. While it's only going to last for a few more days, here's a couple rainy day essentials to add to your closet.
[ I need this personalized coat in my closet asap]

[ Such pretty colors! Love Hunter rain boots]

[ Who doesn't want a polka dot umbrella?!?]

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls' Night: Why it's so Important

I used to have a friend that was constantly with her boyfriend. Whenever we made plans he somehow was there, and the plans we made were scarce. Her schedule revolved around her man, leaving her no time for her girlfriends or even herself. Slowly our friendship began to deteriorate, until the most I heard from her was a text message every few weeks.

Then out of the blue her one true love dumped her and she came crawling back to me. Most girls would  let her cry her eyes out on her own and eat her sorrows away, but I couldn't watch as she suffered. So I packed up my bag with frosting and feel-good movies and dashed over to her place. She apologized for being a bad friend and promised she would change. 

It's important to have a girls night to show your friends that you do care about them and you want to hear about their lives and be a part of it. I love my beau, I really do. Still, once in a while it's important to spend time with your girlfriends only to gossip, bake, watch Sex and the City and pamper yourself. Boys will come and go, but friends will last a lifetime.

Back Into the Swing of Things

New year, new me. Blah, blah, blah. Except this year I've really been working to embrace a new "me." It may seem cliche, and everyone may say it, but I want it to remain true this year. This year I'm setting goals and making them happen.
I noticed how PACKED the gym was last night and I laughed as I struggled to find an open machine. I wondered, in a month, how many of these people will still be here to fulfill their resolutions? I'm not going to be one of the people that drop out on their goals and dreams. It's time to make things happen!
I don't care that it's almost February, I can set goals anytime I want.

Goals for 2013:

1. Be Happy
As simple as it seems, I want to be happier. I want to smile more, laugh more and embrace life. It's time to enjoy everyone second I have with the amazing company I keep. Life is too short to keep grudges and down an unhappy face. I've learned that I need to make the most of my experience at college, with my family and with my friends. It's pointless to let the little things get in the way, so I'm not going to let them!

2. Be Healthy
Time to put down the doughnuts and get into shape! My goal is to go to the gym everyday and maintain a healthy diet. Hello fruits and veggies, goodbye cakes and cookies. (I'll miss you!) I'm hoping this summer I'll get my certification as a piyo (pilates/yoga) teacher, but until them it's time to hit the gym and get my bod back into tip-top shape.

3. Be Smart
I had an amazing first semester academically at my university and I want to continue that as much as possible. It's not even about keeping good grades, but I want to expand my knowledge and continue to discover who I am and where my future leads. I'm hoping to declare my major at the end of this year so I can explore my future and start to dive into my career head on. I also want to study abroad in the next few years to expand my knowledge not only academically but also culturally.

With that in mind I'm smiling big, eating right and making smart choices. What are you doing to improve yourself this year?