Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Series: Pretty in Pink

While it may be a cheesy Hallmark holiday, I am an avid supporter of Valentine's Day. I adore the cutesy gifts, hilarious cards and adorable fashions. I've decided to begin a four part Valentine's series complete with fashion, food, gifts and date ideas.

Today's Topic... Fashion!

February is filled with a burst of pinks, reds, lavenders and creams. On Valentine's Day I'm attending a date event where all the girls are required to wear only these colors. I think it's going to be absolutely adorable, and I cannot wait to see the dresses on display.  The pairing of pinks and creams create a subtle and sweet beauty. The only problem is... I haven't found one for myself yet! I've done some browsing and pictured below are a few that I've been eyeing. Let me know what you think!

Pink is the classic Valentine's Day color, here's a few styles that are both sassy and sweet.

Valentine's Day

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