Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Deal with Humidity

My hair is NOT having this weather right now. While I'm loving the increase in temperature, I'm hating the humidity. My puffy, thick, frizzy hair is basically crying for help. But, have no fear...

Ponytails are your friends!

I could not adore these little creatures more than a time like this. While it can be easy to pull back your hair in a plain ponytail, check out these pics below for a little more creative up-do. My favorite go-to is either a sock bun or a fishtail braid, easy yet chic!
[ here's a quick and easy bun!]

[ comfy and chic fishtail]

[ a sock bun paired with a bandana]

[ an easy top knot]

[ a more challenging french braid sock bun]

[ variations on the classic pony]

Hope that gives you a few tricks to fit the humid weather with style!

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