Sunday, January 27, 2013

Girls' Night: Why it's so Important

I used to have a friend that was constantly with her boyfriend. Whenever we made plans he somehow was there, and the plans we made were scarce. Her schedule revolved around her man, leaving her no time for her girlfriends or even herself. Slowly our friendship began to deteriorate, until the most I heard from her was a text message every few weeks.

Then out of the blue her one true love dumped her and she came crawling back to me. Most girls would  let her cry her eyes out on her own and eat her sorrows away, but I couldn't watch as she suffered. So I packed up my bag with frosting and feel-good movies and dashed over to her place. She apologized for being a bad friend and promised she would change. 

It's important to have a girls night to show your friends that you do care about them and you want to hear about their lives and be a part of it. I love my beau, I really do. Still, once in a while it's important to spend time with your girlfriends only to gossip, bake, watch Sex and the City and pamper yourself. Boys will come and go, but friends will last a lifetime.

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