Monday, January 28, 2013

Rainy Day Gear

I woke up this morning in a frenzy and stuffed on as many layers of sweaters as possible. I loaded up my heavy coat with hats and gloves and slipped on my heavy-duty winter boots. Yet, as I stepped out I got hit with what seemed like a massive heat wave. While it's only 54 degrees, it feels as though it's summer in Chambana, and I'm LOVING it!

I quickly ran inside and changed into a light sweater and my favorite baby blue Hunter rain boots. I happily skipped into each and every puddle on the way to class while passerby's just shook there heads. While it's only going to last for a few more days, here's a couple rainy day essentials to add to your closet.
[ I need this personalized coat in my closet asap]

[ Such pretty colors! Love Hunter rain boots]

[ Who doesn't want a polka dot umbrella?!?]

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