Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Series: Date Ideas

Now that it's February, all that's on my mind is Valentine's Day! I have an event planned with my sorority that night, so my boyfriend is off the hook for thinking of a cute date for us. Still, not all girls are this lucky. While you can't tell your boyfriend what to do for Valentine's Day, you can leave subtle hints like sending him pinterest picks, pictures of things, or even this blog post ;)
Here's a few cute and inexpensive date ideas for you and your man on February 14th!

My high score in bowling is a 70, so clearly I'm not in it for the win. Still, bowling is a fun and different way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Head down to your nearest bowling alley, order a pizza and let the fun begin! I always like to make it interesting by making a bet with my boyfriend. Last time the loser had to buy the winner dinner. (I won, but he gave me a 100 pin handicap so it didn't totally count). If bowling isn't enough, turn the night into a night of games! Head over to the arcade and play some classic Pacman or DDR. Competition is always a good time, and a night like this strays away from all that mooshy, gooshy stuff that guys don't always enjoy.

Making Dinner 
Cooking together is one of the best activities to do with your man, especially on Valentine's Day! Make a day of it! Look online for your favorite recipes and head over to the grocery store together. I guarantee that watching your guy look for ingredients will be entertaining. Then head over to your kitchen and prepare an appetizer and dinner. Of course, it's always more fun to have your favorite music playing in the background so you can dance around the kitchen. After dinner, clean up and relax for a bit so your stomach can settle for dessert! My favorite dessert is chocolate fondue because it's simple to make and it's incredibly delicious! When you're stuffed, plop down on the couch and turn on a movie.

Ice Skating
Ice skating brings a little more romance into the picture. If you are as bad as I am, you'll spend the whole night hanging on to your date for dear life. Still, ice skating is a fun and classic way to spend Valentine's Day. Ice skating is perfect for you and your guy, or a big group of people. If your man doesn't want to be alone you can grab a group of your friends to join you! While you'll go as a group, you can still break off in couples to skate around the rink. When you're done you can chat while sipping on hot chocolate and chowing down on cookies.

Hopefully one of those ideas will be perfect for your Valentine's Day celebration. Let me know what you think, and comment if you have any ideas to share! I'd love to hear them!

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  1. Good ideas! Except I hate bowling... But I adore the other two options- might have to do both ;)