Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Series: Gift Guide

In two days I will be shoving my face with every piece of chocolate in sight, and I will feel no shame. Yet, Valentine's Day isn't all about the chocolate, sadly, it's about expressing your love to those around you. It's obviously important to tell your significant other that you love them on this day, but it reaches beyond them. Use this day to express your gratitude towards friends and family as well. Here's a few ideas for gifts for you guy, your best friend and your family.

Your Guy
Food is always the obvious choice for any guy's gift. A giftcard to his favorite restaurant, or a batch of cookies will win him over in an instant. But if you want to bring it to the next level then you have to get creative! If you're crafty you can make him a coupon book or scrapbook of pictures. If you've got some extra cash then take him out to a sports game, and treat him to a corndog while you're at it! If you're an extremely devoted girlfriend, be his personal maid for the day. Cook for him, clean his room and do his laundry. Believe me, he will be in total awe.

Your Best Friend
After roaming through the Valentine's Day section at Walgreens, I realized how cheesy this holiday truly can be. So, embrace it with your best friend! Pick up cheesy Valentine's day cards, stuffed animals and obscene amounts of candies! I got my future roommate a box of Snoopy chocolates to nibble on throughout the week. A simple and fun gift like this will make you both giggle, and gain a few pounds.

Your Family
A handwritten note is not only cheaper than a bouquet of flowers or chocolate, but it means so much more! Send your love ones a note expressing your thanks for all of their support and throughout the year. Trust me, it will mean so much to them to hear a simple "thank you." If you are away at school or abroad, this is an especially perfect gift! It will cost you a stamp and an envelope and twenty minutes of your time, but that's about it. So take the time to say thank you and I love you to those people important in your life.

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